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Mom of the Month- Miki!

Meet Miki, and find out why not one, but two, instructors nominated her for Mom of the Month!

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Why her instructors nominated her...

Miki is very deserving of the Mom of the Month award. She is such an all-around awesome person. Not only is she pregnant with her third child but she has two under the age of three at home! She works full-time as a physical therapist and from just listening to her talk about her appointments, it is obvious she is wonderful at her job and that her clients love her. She signed up for Body Back two sessions ago and rocked it out both pre- pregnancy and while pregnant. Each week, she was there on time, with a great attitude and ready to sweat! If you did not see her beautiful belly, you would not have known she was pregnant. In addition, she attends Stroller Barre each Saturday with her kiddos. She is devoted to her family and adores them. She is always sharing stories and swapping advice. Her love also shows because she makes a point to take time out for herself during the week so she can be the best mom and wife! As I said before, she brings it all during out workouts. So much so that during our most recent session of Body Back, Miki won the 8-week challenge! She worked hard each week to stay on track with her eating habits, water intake, adding additional workouts and more! She amazes me each week as she balances work, her children, her husband, her extended family and still finds time for herself. I don’t know how she does it all!! I couldn’t think of a better person to win this award! Congrats Miki!!
I nominated Miki for Mom of the Month because I truly feel that no one deserves it more! Miki works outside the home as a physical therapist but always finds the time and energy for Body Back and Stroller Barre. On top of that, she is pregnant with her third child, and her oldest isn't even 3 yet! If that isn't dedication to oneself, one's health, and our village, I don't know what is. No matter what else is going on with family, work, or other 'life stuff' Miki comes to class to work hard, be a good example for her kids, be healthy during her pregnancy, and of course always has something fun to say! Because really, class is all about a great time talking with the gals, with a killer workout thrown in. :) I think Miki is inspiring, and deserves to be our Mom of the Month.

Straight from the lips of our M.O.M. (Mom of the Month):

• Who are the members of your family?

Husband Zach, daughter Lily, son Noah, and baby #3 due in July, Fenway and Cooper- English Bulldogs

• What is or was your career?

Athletic Trainer with ATI Physical Therapy

• What is something that has surprised you about motherhood?

How much I've embraced the chaos and just rolled with the punches....also how much sleep I do get! (I know that's not the same for everyone!)

• What is your child's/children's favorite thing about you or favorite thing that you do?

My daughter loves to color and play playdoh with me...my son loves to snuggle with me and just sit quietly on the couch together- they both love when I read them books and sing before bedtime.

• When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a teacher then I met 12 year old boys and changed my mind! Hahah!!

• What are three of your favorite things (besides your family)?

A good nap, doing my nails, reading a romance novel on the beach near the tide

• Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us (or makes you unique)!

I met my oldest brother (I'm 1 of 6 kids) for the first time this past thanksgiving (2015)

• What has been your proudest mommy moment so far?

Taking my kids out in public and hearing people tell me how well behaved they are

• How did you learn about FIT4MOM?

Facebook- came to open house version of stroller barre and about a month later joined body back

• Moment of truth: What did you think of those first few classes?

I was so sore in all the right places after barre I knew it was something I desperately needed, I thought i was nuts for starting body back- I was so out of shape! Now I'm doing both classes almost 22 weeks pregnant!

• How have you been able to stick with making healthy choices for yourself while still managing all your other responsibilities?

I have made some lifestyle changes for myself and family- having a healthy pregnancy is key for me if I want to achieve my vbac (vaginal birth after csection), being a role model for my kids, and helping my family be the healthiest they can be. We've upped our water intake and I've introduced more fruits and veggies at each meal. We try and stay active playing in the house and outside when it's nice. I try and get to work early to exercise on that days I don't have class- it helps keep my energy up for the day and the ability to keep up with things once I'm home.

• Favorite FIT4MOM exercise? Least favorite FIT4MOM exercise? Favorite is anything core related- crunches I could do for days. Least favorite is burpees.

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