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WGN News - August 2017 »

CHICAGO -- If you have young kids, you know what a workout just lugging a big stroller and car seats around can be. Do why not make *that* the workout? Hundreds of moms have and they are loving it.

Along Chicago’s lakefront, it's bootcamp for moms. Only instead of weights and stability balls, it's strollers, weighted down with squirmy, sticky toddlers.

The songs and fingerplay are accompanied by some kind of squat, lift or lunge that keep kiddos happy and mom strong.

Fit 4 Mom offers Stroller Strides class and running and weight training groups as well.

The classes have exploded over the years, going from a few lone strollers down the running path to hundreds who showed up to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

Fit 4 Mom franchise owner Nicole Frasier says it works because it makes exercise possible again for busy parents.

"Not only do the kiddos get to spend time with other kids their age, learn their ABCs and 123s, but the moms also get a way to learn about other moms in their area,” she says. “We do play dates, mom night's out … it's just a...


Suburban Family, August 2014 »

New Moms Find Fitness Options in the Chicago Suburbs

By Louisa Fitzgerald

The advice isn't new: Effectively caring for a family means that mom needs to take care of herself first. But with young children, finding time for fitness while juggling nap schedules with feedings and diaper changes — often on minimal sleep—can seem impossible.

"Being around other moms who are going through the same things can give you the push you need to stick to your workout and give it all you have," she said.

Franko, a mother of two who lives in La Grange Park, said she avidly participated in moms-only workouts when she lived in Chicago, but was disappointed she couldn't find similar offerings when she moved to the suburbs in 2012. She opened Fit4Mom Chicago Western Suburbs last year.

Fit4Mom’s most popular program, Stroller Strides, is an interval-style workout that includes bursts of cardio interspersed with strength training and allows moms of young toddlers and babies to bring their children along for the ride. Babies are entertained watching mom lunge, squat...

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