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Remember how nervous you were at your first class? Didn’t we all have the feeling of “what if my baby cries the entire time?” Then it happened...your baby got fussy. Then one of our instructors or another mom in class loved on your baby while you got your workout in. It was glorious, right?! It’s more than just a workout, it’s a village. Mothers loving on mothers. We’re in this together! #sisterhoodinmotherhood

The Science of SwimPlay


Guided Play + Safe Environment = The Science of SwimPlay® Every parent wants the best for their kids. It’s why development books, educational DVD’s and paren...

Daydreaming about relaxing days at the pool this summer, Mama? Help your kids become comfortable and confident swimmers by joining Goldfish Swim School - Burr Ridge or Goldfish Swim School - Naperville NOW before summer break starts! Guided Play + Safe Environment = The Science of SwimPlay

Mom Of The Month


Get inspired by local moms who are making their health a priority with Fit4Mom Chicago Western Suburbs while juggling family and other commitments.

Meet Seema our April Mom of the Month! From her Instructor Rebecca: "Seema has been crushing her goals since starting and has been helping other momma's too by sharing her secrets to her success! You can always see her motivating other momma's, sharing samples of healthy treats, getting mom's together for sweaty selfies or introducing herself to the new moms!" Read more here: https://chicagowest.fit4mom.com/connect/mom-of-the-month#/today

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