Joanna Lago

Joanna is "mama" to three beautiful kiddos -- her little ones, Lucas (3) and Lorenzo (3 months), and her stepdaughter, Vanessa (15). Originally from Downers Grove, she spent more than ten years with her husband, Felipe, in the city before they embraced suburban life and settled in LaGrange Park. When Joanna is not juggling the joys of motherhood, she is teaching middle school reading in Oak Brook, finding delicious paleo InstantPot recipes, and bopping around to different exercise offerings throughout the area. Of all the gyms and classes Joanna has tried, Fit4Mom has left the most powerful impact. Joanna's Fit4Mom journey began when she was pregnant with her first son. She loved the support she got in Fit4Baby classes, so she began a long series of Body Back sessions. It was not long before Joanna learned just how awesome it is to work out alongside other moms who just seem to get it -- and both her body and confidence as a new mom were transformed. Joanna embraces the opportunity to welcome other moms to start or continue their fitness journey, so they, too, can fall in love with this amazing village.

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